The project with a surface area of 113.00 m2 is a type of two bedroom house pavilion. The inspiration behind this concept was the Japanese Ikebana art, which represents the idea of the empty space and a(symmetry). Minimalism in its essence. In a dynamic and exhausting reality one’s home is an escape and safe haven. The interior of the living space is fully opened, both sides, towards the surrounding landscape. The openness of the house is a typology of living that we pursue in our architectural vision. The natural materials of the facade as well as the transparency of the living area are a tool in mimicking the house in the natural environment. The layout of the house is a rectangular shape, following the whole concept of purity and simplicity. The house represents a typology which can be modified according to the requirements of the client for a two or three bedroom plan, or a larger living area. The living area is absolutely open to the privacy of your estate and enclosed garden.