The apple house is the first model of the prefabricated wooden modular passive houses typology. It is a two-story house with a total area of 230 m2. It is customizable, flexible and affordable. With this series of typologies we are aiming to prove that is it possible to build a passive or low-energy house with prefabricated materials and construction. The final product (the house) is absolutely financially predictable even form the early stages of design, quick and easy to assemble and build by a small group of selected and qualified builders. With this typology of houses we strive for comfort of living, energy conservation and modern minimalistic aesthetics. A house that is pleasant to live in, both in winter and summer.
In this particular model of the “Apple” house the first floor offers a unique living space to relax and enjoy the landscape of the garden. The kitchen and dining area are one whole organism, separated from the living room via freestanding interior wall and console interior staircase, leading to the second floor. There is also a semi-enclosed porch which allows dining and relaxing on the outside even in a rainy or hot day, bringing comfort and serenity.
The night zone Is located on the second floor. The layout can accommodate two or three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, depending on the owner’s wish. The house has a flat roof and photovoltaic panels on top of it.
We present a few options for the materiality and finishes of the house. There are numerous variations and possibilities for the façade materials, depending on the budget and preferences of the owner.