The introvert house is a concept for a platonic perfection and order in a spontaneous nature. Another concept highlighting the strong relationship between the house and the surrounding nature. The single-story house has an L-shape layout, consisting of two rectangular volumes figuratively separated by a narrow pool. The connection between the day and the night zones is through a glass floor, passing above the water. This prototype represents a feeling of freedom and introversion at the same time. The flat roof of the house is supported by linear outer concrete walls. In between these walls are floor-to-ceiling windows around the entire house. For more privacy we designed blackout curtains around the inner perimeter of the house. The interior of the house is gaining as much natural light as possible. We designed the solid volumes enclosing the toilet, entrance wardrobe and kitchen within the inner part of the house, creating an open plan. The house has an area of 190 m2, with open space living area, kitchen, toilet, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a cabinet. The house encloses an inner yard which can be designed and modified to match a certain personal and desire.